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A bowl is the most versatile of dish ware, holding items like rice, soup and a multitude of tears after you realize you’ve wasted more money on terrible fast food again. Fill yours with wholesome, handmade, local food instead from Yokohama Asian Express

Quick and convenient can still taste good and be good for you, as Yokohama proves on a daily basis by offering diners a smorgasbord of colorful flavor that’s not only tasty, but healthy too. Fresh veggies, handcrafted sauces and hand-cut meats make already-enticing options even more tempting here, from the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl voted Tucson’s best to the Beef & Broccoli and BBQ Pork bowls.

You’ll also find Japanese mixed bowls like Yakisoba with your choice of meat, fried rice bowls and appetizers including egg rolls and crab puffs, all of which are sure to squelch easily the squealing cravings coming from your stomach.

Fresh. Healthy. Local. Food made with you in mind.

Yokohama brings Tucson, Arizona Orient-inspired taste along with the dedication to source local produce and meats for all of their fresh, healthy fare.

We feature a variety of rice and yakisoba bowls, appetizers, soups and desserts for dine in, carry-out, and provide the convenience of a drive-thru. We also offer catering services that will add a mouthwatering—and maybe even exotic—effect to any occasion. Online ordering is not available at this time.

Japanese inspired rice and yakisoba bowls made with fresh ingredients, sauces made from scratch daily, and custom meat selections make Yokohama unique and delicious. As a fast food rice bowl concept, we are a healthy and convenient dining option, in a bowl not on a bun.

Yokohama has been a Tucson staple since the mid-80's. We are proud to say we have served greater Tucson for many years, and continue to strive for excellence in providing quality product at a great value. We look forward to introducing additional locations in the near future as well as new featured items on our menu.

Billy and Cassandra Rahn

Husband and Wife team, owners/operators of Yokohama have a combined 30 plus years of experience in the hospitality industry. A BS in Hospitality Management from NAU and multiple-unit operation experience from both allow for an unbeatable restaurant adventure.

Expert Chef Billy Rahn with over 15 years of culinary experience whips together mouthwatering dishes for your every day enjoyment. Come see him in action along side his well trained bilingual staff, ready and eager to serve. Billy is known for his refined pallet and ability to present beautiful dishes in minutes. Cassandra is known for her guest relations and exemplary customer service. These two are really fun to watch in action!

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